Dear XDK enthusiasts,

We are glad to announce the roll out of the IDEATION JAM contest, a platform where you can show your XDK use cases. Just share with us for what you are using XDK. The best 3 entries will win a prize and also be announced across our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). So start sharing and get noticed!


When will the event take place?

Competition posts can be submitted from July 5th 2016 to August 8th 2016.


Who can participate?

All the XDK customers who have access to the XDK community (you need an XDK serial number to create an account)


How to participate?

  • Login to the XDK community and start a thread under the ‘Ideation Jam’ category (you need to have an XDK to register)
  • Submit your idea/concept in detail, it could be as text or any visual like images or a video. Share with us:
    • Describe your idea with 500-600 signs
    • Which problem are you solving with your solution?
    • How does your idea work on the software side?
    • How does your idea work on the hardware side?
    • Use photos or videos (YouTube link), which ensures you some plus points in the evaluation.
  • Vote for the idea which you like by using the “thumbs up” feature in the community.
  • Use hashtags #myXDKexperience, #BoschXDK on social media to create awareness of your showcase.


Evaluation criteria

  • Top 10 voted ideas will be shortlisted
  • The XDK team will judge the shortlisted ideas on below parameters
    • Is the application idea Innovative and unique?
    • Is the application solving an issue better than other solutions?
    • Idea on the software level
    • Idea on the hardware level
    • Quality of documentation (description, images, video, code, …)


  • 1st: iPad + XDK
  • 2nd: 2 XDK
  • 3rd: 1XDK

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It’s your ticket to fame, just grab it! Because sharing is caring!


IMPORTANT: You need to accept our terms and conditions to participate in the contest. Therefore please add the following text (including the link) into your posting.

“[X] I accept the XDK competition terms and conditions


Your XDK Team


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