Hello - we have made a very good mqtt solution to connect the XDK in a very easy way to our smarthome application, also transmitting sensor data to my IPhone via my particle photons.

Another milestone is a universal userface for exotic and major OS - also the easy way and controll and call the sensors the same way as already - via mqtt calls and answers.

 The following platform architectures are currently supported:

  • AmigaOS 3 (m68k)
  • AmigaOS 4 (ppc)
  • Android (arm)
  • AROS (x86)
  • Linux (arm)
  • Linux (x86)
  • Linux (ppc)
  • Mac OS X (x86)
  • Mac OS X (ppc)
  • MorphOS (ppc)
  • WarpOS (m68k/ppc)
  • Windows (x86)


The final software will be able to collect and show sensor data from all inbuild sensors and 4 external sensors. If I have enough time I will implement some IFTTT functions – cause I am using the smarthome gateway – so we can send push messages, switch light, switch outlets etc. etc.

See first videoclip of the application on a MorpOS System – so stay tuned.

Which problem are you solving with your solution?
SmartSensor UserInterface for all major and also exotic Operation Systems.

How does your idea work on the software side?
The XDK sends his sensor data via MQTT to the broker only if he gets an request.
Pressing the button on the XDK will start sending data automaticly.
The UserInterface can now work with this data.

How does your idea work on the hardware side?
XDK is a stand alone sensor node, can be placed where ever you want - must be in reach of your wifi network. Inbuild sensors and up to 4 sensors (2 analog, 2 digital) can wired to the xdk gateway. We have an mqtt broker (raspberrypi) who receives the messages. The User Interface gets his data via a gateway.

If you wanna see more

[X] I accept the XDK competition terms and conditions



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RE: BOSCH XDK - UI for exotic and major OS
03/08/16 05:15 as a reply to Achim Kern.
- now also you can see a snapshot of UI - available for all major OS
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RE: BOSCH XDK - UI for exotic and major OS
03/08/16 14:32 as a reply to Achim Kern.

Hello Achim,

thank you for submitting your XDK use case!

You accepted the BCDS terms and conditions correctly and your idea UI for exotic and major OS will participate in the Ideation Jam.

Kind regards,

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