Empty Jar detection
03/05/17 09:32

Hello Team,

It is quite difficult to find out all the time to sneak at the jars in our kitchen to find out its level. So this idea is to use a small limit switch with XDK GPIO and connect it to internet and see it on our mobile. That’s it.

We can get to know a notification once the limit switch is release and now it’s time to buy the content from super market.

We can set it to a different level and see its usage status. Accordingly we can monitor as well get stats of the mostly used ingredients  in our house or hotel or etc...

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RE: Empty Jar detection
04/05/17 15:46 as a reply to Aditya Kumar.

Hello Aditya,

this sounds like a great idea.

I would imagine that you could, for example, also track at what times the ingredients are used the most.

A restaurant could then prepare more thoroughly for high ingredient usage.

Keep us informed about your activities!

Kind regards,

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RE: Empty Jar detection
04/07/17 10:23 as a reply to Franjo Stjepandic.

Hello Franjo,

As on today i have experiment this and works well. Only backdrop i have seen is battery.

So I replaced my concept with MQTT on BLE and using my Raspberry pi as server.

This works fine. But still trying to refine much in to this.

Slowly I will integrated accelerometer to find how frequent the Jar is been used. Thanks for the idea

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