I have got the demo 'DDL_demoDataLogger' from one of my collegues, but now it cannot be work any more, because some additional header files are missing, such as:






And the version of XDK Workbench is 3.5.0, is there any solution of this?

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RE: some header files could not be found inDDL_demoDataLogger
24/04/19 10:31 as a reply to Xidong YANG.

Hi Xidong YANG,

DDL_demoDataLogger  is an old datalogger application and is no longer maintained in XDK workbench. You can still use the demo application, if you would like; but no supported will be extended.

You can download and use the datalogger firmware from IoT marketplace. But from your previous post https://xdk.bosch-connectivity.com/community/-/message_boards/message/491754, you have some difficulty in downloading the firmware. I will look into it and get back with a solution on your cost center.

Thank you.



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