BLE Sensor Services
27/06/19 09:37

Hello I am curently setting up the XDK to read all of the sensors at once and then send them over BLE using their respective sensor services. I have found that these services send the sensor data as character arrays, an issue I have found however is that for the majority of the services, not enough characters have been allocated to the sensor readings. For example with the temperature reading, it reads as 24000 mDegrees but only two bytes are allocated for two characters to send the reading for that service. I have come up with two solutions, one is to divide by 1000 to just send the data in Degrees, the other is to alter the services to allow more bytes to be sent for the services. 

I am just wondering if this is actually required.

Thank you

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RE: BLE Sensor Services
28/06/19 07:44 as a reply to Fraser Gordon.

Hi Fraser,

As far as I know, the accuracy of the BME280 temperature sensor is ±0.5°C :) So you can use the division by 1000 without fear of data loss.
Here is a link to BME280 data sheet:



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