Hardware Specifications of XDK
09/10/19 15:04

Hello Together,

for the Theoretical part of my bachelor thesis, I need to know some more specific Details about the hardware ressourcesof the XDK.

In detail, those Specifications are:

- Processor frequency

- Internal ADC sampling rate (for the ADC accesible via the extension bus, not the ones for on-board sensors)

Thank you for your help!

All the best,


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RE: Hardware Specifications of XDK
10/10/19 08:30 as a reply to Jonas Gutberlet.

Hi Jonas Gutberlet,

- Processor Frequency - 48mhz

For more details refer 'C:\XDK-Workbench\XDK\SDK\xdk110\Platform\BSP\source\BSP_BoardSettings.h'

- For ADC usage with extension bus refer 'C:\XDK-Workbench\XDK\SDK\xdk110\Common\source\Sensor\Lem.c'

Thank You :)

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