Hello - yesterday we tried to run our first test with the Java Visualation Tool designed for Windows.
We got an error message that something is wrong with Java.
Under point 3.5 you wrote JRE 8 is a must.

3.5 Installing and running Windows application
The Windows application is written in Java. Please download and install JRE 8 from http://www.java.com/download. We provide a binary version of the application that you can simply start by double clicking on the following file:

So we made a call to our ICO2 Team at FeP to get the required installations cause a regular peacy desktop / laptop has no admin rights and you are not allowed to install software at your own.

This was the feedback...

Sehr geehrter Herr Kern,

Ihr Auftrag wurde bearbeitet.
  • Leider dürfen wir die Software nicht installieren
  • Die Software ist z.Z. nicht freigegeben (Software-Clearing)
  • Sie können natürlich ein Antrag an die Software-Clearing-Stelle senden und eine Freigabe beantragen. Link

Carlos Peixoto Louro
FeP IT-Support

So do we have different software security regulations in the Bosch group ?
Some can use software without restrictions ?

Please intialize a clearing of JRE 8 so we can use the XDK Sensor with the provided Windows application without trouble or is there a other solution possible to get it still running ?


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JRE 8 required but actually no Software-Clearing at Bosch FeP ?
25/06/15 09:37 as a reply to Achim Kern.
Hello - we got a clearing - XDK Windows Sensor Software BoschXDK.jar runs now perfekt on my laptop.

Here the Peacy Package:

Thanx to

Michael Barth
Unified communication services - Open Java Development (CI/AFU3)
Tel. +49(711)811-31618
Fax +49(711)811-5113642
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