thanks for the new update of XDK 1.20

Out of the three packages available for update, one failed due to the fact that the exe-file is running when it needs to be removed. Just see screenshots of all the steps.

As far as I know that did not have any negative impact on the sensor demo or vitual XDK demo

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XDK Workbench update Eclipse plug-in fails
04/05/15 09:03 as a reply to Stefan Ferber.
Hello stefferber,

our developers are suspecting a collision between your anti virus tool and the eclipse update functionality.

To confirm this, could you please look into the file %WORKSPACE%/.metadata/.log for relevant exceptions? Please post them here. Also, you can zip the whole log file and mail it to my bosch email address (you will find me in Outlook).


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XDK Workbench update Eclipse plug-in fails
08/05/15 08:20 as a reply to Wolf-Bastian Pöttner.
Hello Bastian,

I am having Problems with the XDK Workbench update as well. Please see the screenshot with the error message.
This pops up as soon as I click Help > Check for updates in Eclipse.

I tried to configure the BGN proxy server, that was mentioned in here:
But that didn't change anything.

Do I have to set anything else or should it work out of the box?

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