DataLogger Firmware

Get the Data Logger Firmware for the XDK in the IoT Marketplace

Extension Board Mounting Plate

The XDK extensions port connector doesn’t have a mechanical interlock. This mounting plate is useable for extension boards with housing to get a better mechanical fixation between the XDK and the extension housing. This STL file can be used to produce the mounting plate using a 3-D printer in DIY.

External Temperature Sensor and Digital I/O

The XDK External Temperature Sensor and Digital I/O extension board consists of three main elements: the external temperature, two digital inputs and two digital outputs.

This document will go over how to use each element of the board and the maximum rating of each element.

XDK LoRa-Extension

With the brand new XDK LoRa Extension you can now connect your XDK to a LoRa network.Take advantage of measuring data with 8 different XDK-sensors and connect the data via LoRa to your backend.