Sending High Frequency data to cloud
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I am using xdk to collect vibration data from xdk of a machine. Since the data is collected over 200 Hz it cannot be sent to cloud immediately. So for now I have coded the device to store it locally in SD Card in csv format.

Now I want to send that data to cloud, can anyone help me on how that can be done?

The device needs to read the csv file in parts and send them, but question is whether should it be Json or else. Also a suggest of which cloud service to use will be useful.

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RE: Sending High Frequency data to cloud
29/08/19 11.44 come risposta a Hiren Patel.


In order to read from the SD card you can use the FATFS System API and you can send that data to cloud such as  amazon server through MQTT protocol or IOT bosch suite server through
LWM2M Server through LWM2M protocol or the Things network.


Santhosh babu


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