XDK110 Application Error message
25/11/18 12.29

Hello everybody, 

can someone explain to me the meaning of the following error message I got in console while runnin a well functioning XDX2MAM application (meaning that the Tangle correctly receives all the information the XDK110 sends)?

Error in XDK110 Application package.
        Package ID: 153
        Module ID: 61
        Severity code: 2
        Error code: 66


Is there a place where the error numbers are explained?

Thank you.



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RE: XDK110 Application Error message
26/11/18 17.40 come risposta a Valerio Pelliccioni.
Hello Valerio,

The Package ID 153 is a good indicator for the location where to look at. Normally you can find the Package IDs within every modules makefile in the SDK within the certain module folders, such as Wi-Fi, BLE and so on. If you are using modules, which are present within the Common folder of the XDK, then you can find the package IDs and module IDs within the file XdkCommonInfo.h at SDK > xdk110 > Common > include .

In case of the Package ID 153 , if is a indication to check the application itself, in detail every return code which is delivered by the different function calls.

The Module IDs can then be found in the respective header file of the module.
The severity code handling can be found within the file BCDS_Retcode.h and is located at /SDK/xdk110/Platform/Essentials/include/ . The severity error 2 is listed within the enumeration enum Retcode_Severity_E and means RETCODE_OUT_OF_RESOURCES .

Since you are using a custom build demo for using the XDK with MAM, I would ask you to go more into detail about the application you are currently using to pinpoint the errors location.
  1. Which XDK-Workbench do you use?
  2. Which exact XDK2MAM example (HTTP, MQTT, BLE, USB) do you use?
  3. Do the received values coincide with the expected values?
  4. Do you use the latest version of the XDK2MAM example?
  5. When exactly is this error triggered?
  6. Can you share an outline of the console’s output?
Please let me know if this was helpful and feel free to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
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RE: XDK110 Application Error message
26/09/19 6.17 come risposta a Franjo Stjepandic.


I'm also getting same kind of error

i'm using httpclient example code to send sensor to my local server 

at runtime i'm getting this error ,,, Requesting your help 


 INFO | XDK BOSCH: HttpRestClientRequestSentCallback: HTTP request failed to send. error=1357 (Note : RC_HTTP_CLIENT_NO_RESPONSE-1387 , RC_HTTP_SEND_ERROR-1357)
 INFO | XDK BOSCH: Error in XDK110 Application package.
 INFO | XDK BOSCH:     Package ID: 153    Module ID: 9    Severity code: 2    Error code: 98




code flow

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