Wifi reconnect error
30/05/19 12.15


I have been trying to send rest request with xdk. I wanted the device to reconnect to wifi if the connection between router breaks due to any reason (lets say router got reset in between)

The device works fine when booted then once if the wifi is disconnected and turned on externally then it gives the following error:

Package ID: 10    Module ID: 3    Severity code: 2    Error code: 1

My question is do we need to deintitalize any variables first when we are trying to reconnect to wifi?

The error occurs specifically at this line:

rc = PAL_getIpaddress((uint8_t*) "www.postman-echo.com", &destAddr);

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RE: Wifi reconnect error
31/05/19 5.26 come risposta a Hiren Patel.

Hi Hiren

You can use WLAN_Reconnect() api in xdk110/Common/source/Connectivity/WLAN.c




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