Data Logger import
19. 10. 4 오전 8:26

Hello everyone,

I downloaded the trial version of the data logger and was able to drag and drop the firmware onto the device. But I have several problems:

1. In the community I read about the logger.ini and custlog.ini which should be placed on the sd card, but I can't find them in my download folder. ( I added a picture of the top layer of the download folder)

2. Also I would like to import the Project into the workbench to see the code. But there is no project with header or source files, which I could import.

3. The datalogger.exe does not run. I always get an error with subModules and then the window closes immediatly. The sensor was able to save several files on the sd card, but so,I'm not able to read them.

I have the feeling that I miss something obvious.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Data Logger import
19. 10. 4 오후 12:53 as a reply to Lukas Ebertsch.

Hey Lukas,

you are not missing something obvious. There are two different versions of the Data Logger Software. One of them exists only for direct usage without including custom coding in the Workbench, the other one is basically a normal wokrbench project.

You seem to have the one without source code. Unfortunately it seems that the workbench project of the data logger is no longer available. At least i was not able to find it. Maybe you have more luck.

I hope this was helpfull.

Best regards,


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