Questions about the XDK Dashboard
16. 5. 24 오전 8:11

Hello, I would like to do some further investigations in the dashboards at

1) Where can I get in contact in order to use an "umlimited" version where I can create alerts/subscriptions/notifications etc. Is this functionality already available ?

2) Is it possible to create applications in the cloud (i.e. merging data from several XDKs in one widget, da some data analysis, etc.) ?  This is be in my opinion the only useful reason why I would upload my data to the cloud. Oor do I have to write code which runs on my PC/Tablet/... to get use of the XDK data ?

3) Is it possible (or planned for future releases) to share the XDK sensor data with other people ?

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RE: Questions about the XDK Dashboard
16. 5. 25 오전 7:18 as a reply to Juergen Blob.

Hello Jürgen,


thank you for using the community. We take care for every request.

Unfortunately I can’t support you with these issues but I forwarded them to the according developer.


As soon as i get new Informations, i will head back to you in here.


Kind regards,


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RE: Questions about the XDK Dashboard
16. 6. 1 오전 11:12 as a reply to Juergen Blob.

Hello Juergen,

I have sent you an email in response to these questions, I hope this send you in the right direction.

For other users, the Software Innovations team at Bosch developed the Bosch IoT Suite so for inquires about upgrading the IoT Suite please go to the website and follow the Contact page instructions.

Currently there is no planned update for the Bosch IoT Suite.  So it is not possible to create your own applications/widgets in the cloud, nor is it possible to share XDK data from one user to other users.  The latter can be fixed by sharing a common log-in when you want multiple users to access the data.

As Jurgen mentions you can always write and run an application on a PC/Tablet/Raspberry Pi to collect data from multiple units.  You can also look into other cloud options.

Christopher Koch

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