Hello - it would be great if we could see more and real projects from the XDK like on
Will this community provide these features in future ?

I have seen this webinar


but i haven't seen the final project with code and hardware ?

My understanding was - build, develop a project with xdk and your own hardware,
show it to Bosch, make a own start-up - and order sensor hardware that fits into your product - which means it is then no XDK anymore ?


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RE: XDK Community dedicated to learning hardware and software
16. 6. 27 오전 10:54 as a reply to Achim Kern.

Hello Achim,

the XDK is still an upcoming new device on the market and the XDK community grows every day. I am sure that there will be many threads of own XDK projects in the future. Some of them can already be found in the project exchange.
The general process with the XDK would be to buy one, develop an own project idea, proving that the project idea works and bring it to the market with the support of BCDS, of course.

Kind regards,

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