BOSCH XDK - online in my SMARTHOME
16. 7. 10 오전 7:01

In the BOSCH FeP plant we are using CISS and XDK sensors in the CP4 production - collecting and analyse the data with our SAP BO solution.

At home i do a lot of investigation with smarthome solutions - building own soft and hardware components  - but we have and use  - you guess - the BOSCH smarthome too.
We have now a MQTT application on the XDK developed which can communicate with our raspberrypi mqtt broker and my own LCARS smarthome application. The XDK node is using the same data structure as our other nodes and so it was very easy to establish the connection.

Which problem are you solving with your solution?
XDK can be easy used as a sensor node in (our) a smarthome application

How does your idea work on the software side?
The XDK sends his sensor data via MQTT to the broker only if he gets an request from the smarthome application. We can press the button on the XDK if we wish that XDK sends automaticly.
The XDK shows all data is correctly send to our server with flashing his yellow led.

How does your idea work on the hardware side?
XDK is a stand alone sensor node, can be placed where ever you want - must be in reach of your wifi network. We have an mqtt broker (raspberrypi), a smarthome gateway (arduino mega2560) and a tablet or pc computer - cause we develop with hollywood - the following platform architectures are currently supported: AmigaOS 3 (m68k) AmigaOS 4 (ppc) Android (arm) AROS (i386) Linux (arm) Linux (i386) Linux (ppc) Mac OS X (i386) Mac OS X (ppc) MorphOS (ppc) WarpOS (m68k/ppc) Windows (i386).

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RE: BOSCH XDK - online in my SMARTHOME
16. 7. 12 오전 5:56 as a reply to Achim Kern.

Hey Achim,


thank you for sending in your applications! Really exciting what you have done with the XDK so far. I am sure this can be of great inspiration for other users.



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RE: BOSCH XDK - online in my SMARTHOME
16. 8. 3 오전 5:49 as a reply to Marc Staller.

- actually testing with some nice garden sensors
- see XDK powered by Solar LiPo
- connected with gateway
- gateway connected with 3 external sensors
- data transfer via mqtt to SmartSensor Application or SmartHome Application

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