New Workbench 1.6.0
16. 7. 19 오전 5:51

Hello XDK users,

we have just released a new version of the XDK Workbench. You are able to find it in our downloads section or in the automatic updates of our XDK Workbench.


Release notes:

  • Added a new application SensorLWM2Mclient.
  • Increased the limit of HTTP URL length to 256.
  • Updated Serval stack to 1.5.5.
  • Fixed the bluetooth pairing issue when USB is connected.
  • Fixed BME280 oversampling setting.
  • Multi sector read failure for 4GB SDcard is fixed.


You can find a detailed tutorial for LWM2M in our Guides section:


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RE: New Workbench 1.6.0
16. 8. 28 오전 8:43 as a reply to Marc Staller.
Great and finally with LWM2M support!
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