Mobile sensor solutions are a hit these days – everyone has their own solution for IoT, M2M or just monitoring sport activities and health related problems. There are a lot of mobile applications for different mobile sensors on the market, but all are made to work exclusively with specific sensors or use cases.

But what if one just wishes to research, test or learn? What if at first, a prototype is needed without investing into the whole IoT infrastructure?

Use your smartphone as an IoT Gateway for Bosch XDK!

Our IoTool helps connect any type of sensor (more than 100 sensors already supported) and actuator via any interface to a smartphone or Raspberry PI. The collected data is encrypted, stored, displayed, processed and synced to the Cloud (IoTool Cloud servers with your full access, available in 16 datacenters around the World, but also connectors for most IOT cloud providers using MQTT).

An API is available to include all modules to your solution.

Connect your own sensors, actuators and other equipment; learn, teach and research with full control!

Let me explain this with H2020 use case. There are a lot of calls related to eHealth, AAL, Smart Cities and IOT in general. Most of them need to use some kind of sensors, triggers and actuators. For most of them solutions still need to be developed (customized HW, SW, and Cloud solutions). Sensors need to be selected; application needs to go through several iterations and everything needs to be tested on the field. H2020 projects usually last 36 months – there is not much time to waste! It is a good strategy to prepare a prototype as fast as possible, test, learn and only after that make the real product.

IoTool could help, because you can:

- Use your own smartphones (BYOD).

- Test not only XDK, but also other sensors (internal phone sensors, BT, BTLE, WiFi, USB) and get information on which is more suitable. You can even develop your own sensor services for new sensors! Same with triggers, actuators – if some Arduino step motor is not supported – make your own service for IoTool!

- Develop your own processing algorithms (virtual sensors) and integrate them into IoTool.

- With adding your own customized User Interface you will get a customized mobile solution in days not years.

- Remotely control one IoTool gateway from another and even chat with full audio / video conferencing from one smartphone gateway to another.

IoTool is a multi-awards winning solution:

- Its predecessor SenseView (around 50.000 users):

                - is one of the 12 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2014 finalists, CES, Las Vegas

- is one of the Phase 1 Under Armour's Armour39 Challenge finalists

- won "App of the Month" and is featured on

- IoTool won 2nd place in category “IoT” and 1st place in category “Smart Homes”, Wearable Technology Show 2016, London

STOP!, where here is Bosch XDK ?

We got our XDK yesterday and registered to forum today. Today an XDK service is in early beta. Tomorrow XDK functionalities will be fully supported. Yes, we need a day to add an additional device to IoTool. After that IoTool XDK sensors service will be available on Google Play.

We agree – IoTool is not a Bosch XDK exclusive solution! In IoTool’s portfolio there are from 12-lead ECG to Texas Instruments SensorTag to automotive OBD-2 sensors and all Android internal sensors.  But we invested our money and our resources into XDK, because we think it has a great potential. It is written on the XDK site:

“I’m a prototyping platform for any Internet of Things use case that you can imagine, and more!”

With XDK / IoTool this can be even easily achieved. IoTool It is a tool, a platform for fast making IOT solutions. XDK is only one of supported devices, but it is perfect for our niche market – prototyping, testing, teaching and learning.

More about IoTool (

[X] I accept the XDK competition terms and conditions


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RE: XDK with smartphone IoTool gateway used in research and study projects
16. 8. 10 오전 6:09 as a reply to Jure Lampe.

Hello Jure,


thank you very much for submitting your use case (just in time).

Sounds very interesting, I am sure this tool is very useful for a lot of prototypers :)


Keep us informed about your activities!

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RE: XDK with smartphone IoTool gateway used in research and study projects
16. 8. 11 오후 12:09 as a reply to Marc Staller.

Hello Marc and all comunity members!

As promissed we uploaded to Google Play our first and free IoTool Bosch XDK sensor service.

To get IoTool and Bosch XDK 110 service:

1. Check which sensors (beside IoTool Bosch XDK) do you need (like internal Android sensors, Video camera or similar) - supported sensors

2. Register and Login to

3. Get Google Play links - beta access for main IoTool application and plugins

4. Install IoTool - user manual

Please Note!

IoTool and all of IoTool plugins is in early Beta; IoTool Actions, Triggers, and Recipes are in Alpha; Data Sync services to general IoT Cloud providers are not public yet,  - any comments are very welcome!

To use Bosch XDK with IoTool using IoTool Sensor Service Bosch XDK, correct firmware must be first uploaded to the device. This service uses "Virtual XDK" demo application on XDK provided by Bosch. To upload firmware to the device Bosch XDK SDK must be installed beforehand, available here, this demo was compiled using version 1.6.0. 

Once SDK is installed, source code for "Virtual SDK" demo application must be downloaded from here. After downloading source code for demo project import it in XDK IDE by navigating to "File" menu and selecting import project. Import project using project archive, by choosing downloaded "Virtual SDK" demo sources archive. When project is loaded successfully in to the IDE and Bosh XDK is connected to the computer via USB cable, device should be visible in the device manager. To upload firmware to the device click on flash button in the device manager and wait for the firmware to be uploaded. 

Although device can be now already used with IoTool there are few essential changes that need to be made to the source code that improve device usability:

1. Bluetooth stack overflow fix. Current firmware does not assign enough memory to the Bluetooth LE stack, resulting in randomly occurring stack overflows. To fix this issue apply the following changes:

/* Line 27 */
/* Change to */

2. Changing accelerometer and gyroscope modes from orientation to normal mode. By default these sensors are used for detecting orientation in demo application. If sensing of raw sensor values is desired apply the following changes:

/* Line 33 */
/* Change to */
/* Starting at line 167 */
sendBuffer[6] = (uint8_t)gyroData.xData;
sendBuffer[7] = (uint8_t)(gyroData.xData >> 8);
sendBuffer[8] = (uint8_t)gyroData.yData;
sendBuffer[9] = (uint8_t)(gyroData.yData >> 8);
sendBuffer[10] = (uint8_t)gyroData.zData;
sendBuffer[11] = (uint8_t)(gyroData.zData >> 8);
/* Change to */
sendBuffer[6] = (uint8_t)gyroData.xAxisData;
sendBuffer[7] = (uint8_t)(gyroData.xAxisData >> 8);
sendBuffer[8] = (uint8_t)gyroData.yAxisData;
sendBuffer[9] = (uint8_t)(gyroData.yAxisData >> 8);
sendBuffer[10] = (uint8_t)gyroData.zAxisData;
sendBuffer[11] = (uint8_t)(gyroData.zAxisData >> 8);

3. Currently all sensors expect sound pressure level sensor are working. There is no news on when support will be added. Although in source several functions that take care of this sensor are found driver itself is not yet implemented. It would be necessary to implement ADC for the device on channel 4 to get this sensor to work.

That is all that can be done in just two days, good luck!

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RE: XDK with smartphone IoTool gateway used in research and study projects
17. 1. 17 오전 8:18 as a reply to Jure Lampe.

Hello Jure,

I know it's a little late, but we would like to find out more about your use case and even show it to other XDK users.


Could you therefore add the note " [X] I accept the XDK competition terms and conditions " to your post? Otherwise we won't be able to work with this great story. Thank you!

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RE: XDK with smartphone IoTool gateway used in research and study projects
17. 1. 17 오후 9:02 as a reply to Marc Staller.
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RE: XDK with smartphone IoTool gateway used in research and study projects
17. 3. 8 오후 12:22 as a reply to Jure Lampe.

Hello Marc, I did what you asked. Any news regarding that?

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