Here are our Ideation Jam winners!
16. 8. 16 오전 4:20

Hello XDK users and fans,

First of all, thank you all again for the great use cases you have submitted in our XDK Ideation Jam and for your participation in voting for the best use cases.


It was really really hard to pick the winners, since all the use cases were great and kind of unique, but now it is time to announce the winners. Winners were selected based on the most convincing and innovative ideas, along with the quality of the documentation with details submitted (like videos and pictures).


The winners are:

  1. Industrial Automation by Jason Athanasoglou
  2. Sensor data on iPhone via Blynk by Achim Kern
  3. Smart workpiece carrier by Joe Nater


Congratulations! We hope you all had fun participating and we are looking forward to our next event.

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RE: Here are our Ideation Jam winners!
16. 8. 29 오후 1:48 as a reply to Marc Staller.
Hello Marc, today we have received the parcel with the two XDK's.
Now we have more hardware (3 XDK's running) and can test different solutions much faster.
So keep in touch.

Greetings Achim
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RE: Here are our Ideation Jam winners!
16. 9. 16 오후 3:34 as a reply to Marc Staller.

Hey Marc, we have received this package for quite some time now, everything is great! The extra XDKs are gonna be of great help to us and the iPad is just awesome!

We're gonna be in touch as soon as our new project is in a presentational state.

Thanks once again!

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