waterproofing BME280
16. 11. 2 오후 4:21

Hi everybody,


The application I would like to use BME280 (P_air, RH,T) requires encountering with water. I would like to make it waterproof without preventing vapor and air to come in because I want to measure air pressure, humidity and temperature simultaneously when the water is applied.

I am considering to use a breathable hydrophobic sleeve or a hydrophobic paint but I am concerned that it will affect air molecules going inside and will generate misleading data.

I would be grateful if you can share your advices.



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RE: waterproofing BME280
16. 11. 3 오후 2:16 as a reply to Umur Tuener.

Hello Umur,

the XDK is basically not designed for such an use case. If you are trying to make it waterproof then you will isolate it to vapor and air too. This may also falsify the data by the rising temperature of the XDK with it's main source of cooling, air, heavily restricted. This effect will occur if you use a breathable hydrophobic sleeve or hydrophobic paint, too.

It is difficult make a guess if your use case can be realized with the XDK. I would like to ask if you could go more into detail what your application is actually ment for.

Kind regards,

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