SmartSensor XDK (Accoustic Sensor)
17. 2. 10 오후 3:58

Hello together - actually we have spend some time on the XDK developing.
As already told - we try to publish in 2017 a XDK SmartSensor Desktop application running on all major OS systems. Done with the Hollywood developing tool.
At the moment, the application has the star trek LCARS Look from my SmartHome.
A friend of mine is working on a new standard design at the moment.

Today we have now also a solution to receice data from the accoustic sensor inside the XDK.

Here a first short video on youtube.

Complete booting Video

Here more info on my webpage

Enjoy - more to come.

Greetings Achim Kern

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RE: SmartSensor XDK (Accoustic Sensor)
17. 2. 15 오전 10:46 as a reply to Achim Kern.

Thanks Achim!

That's great news!

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