Unity Bluetooth Connection with HoloLens
17. 4. 2 오후 12:48

Is it possible to build the example Unity application on a Microsoft HoloLens and receive the sensor data over bluetooth on the HoloLens? The HoloLens has Bluetooth, but the example Unity project is only for iOS and Android?

What do I need to configure in the example Unity project to run it on the HoloLens? Do I have to write a custom plugin?

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RE: Unity Bluetooth Connection with HoloLens
17. 4. 3 오후 2:11 as a reply to Alex Fedelheimer.

Hello Alex,

unfortunately this issue is related to Unity directly.

Due to my knowledge Unity supports Windows 10 Universal Apps that can be run on the HoloLens.

Fortunately with downloading the Virtual XDK you also have the Unity project files.
I would recommend to go through the Unity documentation and build the application for Windows 10.

Kind regards,

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