Cannot see XDK in the workbench
17. 8. 15 오후 5:38



Just installed the workbench and connect my XDK, but apparently the device is not detected by the system (Win7). It does not appear in the Workbench nor I can see it via the Windows device manager.


I believe that it shall create a COM port when connected ?


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RE: Cannot see XDK in the workbench
17. 8. 16 오후 1:19 as a reply to Laurent Carré.

Hello Laurent,

First I'd like to welcome you to the XDK community.

The XDK establishes a software-based connection to the PC. That means, the XDK has to be able to respond. To ensure that this is the case, turn the XDK off, hold Button 1, turn the XDK on, and then release Button 1. This will force the XDK to stay in bootloader mode and able to communicate with the PC.

If the XDK is then still not recognized by the XDK-Workbench, it should at least visible in the device manager as a COM PORT device.

In any case, the most likely cause for this issue is the fact that the XDK-Driver is either not working or not installed. If the XDK is listed as a COM PORT device, right-click it, choose to search for drivers on your computer. Then, browse to the subdirectory driver within the directory of your XDK-Workbench and install the XDK-Driver.

If your XDK is not listed, I recommend uninstalling everything related to the XDK and to re-install it, preferably with a fresh download.

Afterwards, the XDK-Workbench should recognize your XDK and display it in the device view.

If that does not work either, try to run the XDK-Workbench as admin.

Please tell me if this was helpful and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

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