config green LED in next version
17. 11. 2 오전 10:04

it would me nice to config the green LED.
The LED is only needed for loading stuff and is most of the time off. (hrad wired?!)

For the next version probably set the geen LED during loading would be better solved in SW

If you don't want a free configurable LED, probably a config for some special situations could be implemented like:

- succsesfull network connection
- lost of the connection

- read/ write to SD card

or something like that.

Thanks for reading

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RE: config green LED in next version
17. 11. 2 오후 5:15 as a reply to Thorsten Klein.

Hello Thorsten,

First I'd like to welcome you to the XDK community.

You are correct, the green LED is only used for charging operations and as such, most of the time it is not used. Unfortunately the LED is not accessible by the XDK application code and neither from any kind of XDK software. You are probably correct in your assumption, that it is directly hardwired to the battery charging logic.

Since it is not accessible by the XDK software, an improvement can only be made in further versions of the XDK itself. But your proposals regarding the usage of the green LED are definitely beneficial.

Kind regards,

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