[Bug] demoDataLogger
17. 12. 13 오전 12:14

A minor typo in the XDKDataLogger_v3 demo program, the bme280 configuration console output references the bma280_enabled status rather than the bme280_enabled status. As seen in the below snippet on the last line.


            " config.bme280_enabled: %ld\n config.bme280_oversampling: %ld\n config.bme280_filter_coefficient: %ld\n config.bme280_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: %ld\n \n",
            config.bma280_enabled, config.bme280_oversampling,


Specifically this is located around line 897 of XDK_Datalogger_cc.c, under int getIniValues(void) the output of the fprintf statement for the bme280 configuration console output. This doesn't affect functionality but was confusing when the XDK console output reported the sensor enabled when it was disabled.

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RE: [Bug] demoDataLogger
17. 12. 14 오후 12:15 as a reply to Matthew Krugh.

Hello Matthew,

First, I would like to welcome you to the XDK community.

Thank you for pointing out this bug. I can confirm that this is obviously not intended to report the enable-status of the bma280, and I am sorry for the invonvenience and confusion this has caused.

Kind regards,

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