BLE Commands
18. 2. 22 오후 7:51

Hello Community,

Just got my XDK and tested a few demo applications, everything seems to go well so far. I was able to send data through BLE to my Android phone and read them, and I am wondering if there is a similar software that allows me to send commands/read data by connecting XDK to my laptop Bluetooth? Could not find anything by browsing for solutions online.



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RE: BLE Commands
18. 2. 23 오후 1:58 as a reply to Philippe Huber.
Hello Philippe,

first, let me welcome you to the XDK-Community.

Regarding BLE, I have found two applications that may be of use on on Windows. They're BLE Explorer and BleScanner .

For Linux, I have found this tutorial , which may be of use. Additionally, this thread here may be of use, since it also involves BLE on Linux with the XDK

As for Mac OS, BlueSee BLE Debugger seems to do the trick.

I do not guarantee that these applications fulfill any requirement you may have for such an application, but they should at least be usable for viewing BLE data on a Notebook/Mac. Of course, your Notebook/Mac has to support BLE4.0.

Please tell me if this was helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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