XDK 110 - GATT Services
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I'm getting start with XDK 110 Bosch. I'm trying to send data from sensors to a gateway (Kura Framework) by using SendAccelerometerDataOverBle example and XDK LIVE example. In the gateway, I connect the XDK 110 device via BLE and then, I try to find GATT services but it cannot find any GATT service, neither using a function to find any services nor using the UUID of the service. Any idea about this issue? Is there a library to treat GATT services or every service is considered as GATT Service?


P.S: If I use BLE Scanner app on my android, I saw that both example, the service are shown as CUSTOM SERVICEs and I could start both by sending commands either hex or text.


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RE: XDK 110 - GATT Services
18. 8. 6 오후 5:39 as a reply to Oscar Guillen.
Hello Oscar,

Currently, there are no GATT services to run with the XDK's BLE library. The XDK's BLE uses the ATT profile without the passing direction of GATT.

So the ATT profile uses as few bytes as possible, and the implementation on the XDK may use fixed-size structures in memory to make data packets.

Furthermore, the BLE scanner app is able to identify the services as ATT services and therefore both examples work.

Please let me know if this was helpful and feel free to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
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