BOSCH ThingBook
18. 11. 7 오후 2:05
ThingBook Messenger

is a smartphone messenger app where users connect with their things,
companies (e.g. manufacturers) and services.

As a user you can interact with your things, users having same things and services offered by Bosch and its partners.
As a company you can use ThingBook Messenger to deliver your digital services to your customers with a short time to market.

I have implemented already many devices - the XDK is one of them.
The devices are posting alerts, alarms etc.

automatic to ThingBook if a measurement is out of defined tolerance,
and you can have a little chat with MARLENE - my own bot system included. Perfect.

Have fun, enjoy, hack and build - greetings Achim
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RE: BOSCH ThingBook
18. 11. 9 오후 3:39 as a reply to Achim Kern.
Hello Achim,

Thank you for introducing the Thingbook app to the XDK community. It looks very interesting. In regards to your own app, could you go more into details which APIs and libraries there are available to add your own devices to the app?

Kind regards,
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