Compile errors .mita
19. 2. 22 오전 7:30

Hey guys,

i'm trying to compile a new .mita-project. the following output is given in the output-console of XDK/eclipse workbench:

08:09:33 **** Build of configuration Default for project GettingStarted ****
mingw32-make -j 2 -j8 debug
mingw32-make: *** No rule to make target 'debug'.  Stop.

08:09:41 Build Finished (took 8s.686ms)

I don't understand this, regarding to "normal" c-projects i can compile and flash to the xdk.



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RE: Compile errors .mita
19. 2. 26 오전 8:13 as a reply to Florian Dichtl.



I see two possible issues:

- you're compiling with "-j 2" and "-j8". Only the latter is a valid option as far as I know. Please adjust your build options

- Check the src-gen folder. If it is empty there probably is an issue with your Mita code. The IDE should tell you which lines have issues and assist you in fixing them. As long as there are errors in the Mita code no C code is generated, so you need to fix those first. For assistance with Mita programming you can contact the team in the Eclipse Mattermost:


I hope this helps!



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RE: Compile errors .mita
19. 5. 8 오후 8:53 as a reply to Simon Wegendt.
Problem solved, thank you.
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