ADC Reading in the Cloud
19. 2. 25 오후 4:23

Hello community

I want to read GPIO ADC PD6 pin values ​​from the XDK Gateway in the cloud, can someone help me with this?

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RE: ADC Reading in the Cloud
19. 2. 28 오전 6:19 as a reply to Andres Rivera.

Hi Andres Rivera,

For reading GPIO ADC PD6 pin values, following the below sample code for ADC initialization,

/* ADC pin and channel configuration*/

/* ADC central module initialization */

/* ADC  configuration which includes callback mapping */
AdcCentral_ConfigScan_T configScan;
#define TIMER_SAMPLING_FREQ             5000UL  /**< ADC Signal sampling frequency in Hz */
#define NO_OF_CHANNELS_USED				UINT32_C(1)
#define ADC_CENTRAL_NO_OF_SAMPLES       200
uint16_t ScanData[ADC_BUFFER_SIZE]; /**< LEM sensor ADC user buffer for CH5 */

 * @brief ADC Central callback function define per your need
 * @param[out] adc handle not used.
 * @param[out] SamplingFreq which tells the adc samples collected frequency.
 * @param[out] bufferPtr which is pointer to the application provided adc buffer which holds adc samples for  Ch6.
void ADCCallback(ADC_T adc, uint32_t SamplingFreq, uint16_t* bufferPtr)
    /* Process the data from bufferPtr per your application need */

configScan.BufferPtr = (uint16_t *) ScanData;
configScan.Appcallback = ADCCallback;
configScan.ChannelScanMask = (uint32_t) ADC_ENABLE_CH6_SCAN;
configScan.SamplingRateInHz = TIMER_SAMPLING_FREQ;
AdcCentral_StartScan(BSP_Adc_GetHandle(), &configScan);

Process the data from the ADC callback and sent the data via desired protocol (HTTP/MQTT).

For more information about ADC implementation refer xdk110/Common/source/sensors/Lem.c

For more information about data transmission refer xdk110/Apps/HttpExampleClient or xdk110/Apps/SendDataOverMQTT

Best regards,


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