Alexa and your XDK in the Cloud
19. 3. 6 오후 12:58

Hello together,
we can provide soon an Alexa Skill (german) which allows you
to request and call your BoschCloudConnected XDK system.
Please give me a short note ( so i can plan how many devices

All you need:

flash your XDK with the original firmware on the workbench
request the sd card credentials by me (
Write them on your card
donate me
boot your XDK
ask Alexa

Alexa, frage Bosch XDK - wie hoch ist der luftdruck von system leopard ?

and get nice answers about your measured data.


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RE: Alexa and your XDK in the Cloud
19. 4. 11 오후 12:30 as a reply to Achim Kern.

Hello together,

finally AMAZON gives GREEN light.
The skill X.D.K. (german version) is online since 11.04.2019.

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