XDK110 out of the box..
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We have an XDK110 fresh from Mouser. Fire him up , but no Bluetooth adverts, looks to boot ok, but failed at first base of connect to app. I downloaded 3.5. workbench loaded in example , which I dont think is the same image. Where can I get the binary to load in , or the project to compile to get our XDK110 workign with Android app ?.

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RE: XDK110 out of the box..
19. 3. 13 오전 9:16 as a reply to JULIEN SNELL.

Hi Julien Snell,

1. Go to Welcome page of workbench.

2. Example apps are available in Welcome Page.

3. Click on the app you want. E.x VirtualXdkDemo

4. Clean and Build the app

5. Flash the binary

This link may be helpful. https://xdk.bosch-connectivity.com/documents/37728/286250/XDK_Guide_WB_First_Steps.pdf/32390743-d9c6-4121-9f08-966afc067b57

Thank You :)



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