noise to SD card
19. 3. 14 오후 5:20

Hello everyone,

I want to merge the SD-card-example and the StreamSensorDataOverUSB. For this reason first I put #includes from both examples together. But puttinig "task.h" to:
#include "XDK_Storage.h"
#include "XDK_Sensor.h"
#include "XDK_LED.h"
#include "BCDS_SDCard_Driver.h"
#include "BCDS_CmdProcessor.h"
#include "XDK_Utils.h"
#include "BSP_BoardType.h"
#include "BCDS_Assert.h"
//#include "task.h"//verursacht z.B.: Fehler: 'StorageSetupInfo' is initialized
#include <FreeRTOS.h>

will cause multiple errors. But in my eyes I need this to call Sensor_Enable(); and Sensor_Setup();

How can I combine these two features? Does anyone can give my an example?


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RE: noise to SD card
19. 3. 18 오전 8:18 as a reply to Florian Dichtl.


When I merged the sendDataOverUdp and streamSensorDataOverUsb I had to compare the makefile also, it might help you.

For instance I switch in the dataOverUdp makefile this line to 1 :


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RE: noise to SD card
19. 3. 19 오전 9:28 as a reply to HERVE TICHKIEWITCH.

Hey Herve,

I solved the Problem. But the reason was the wrong order of the include-files. It was important that FreeRTOS.h must appear in source files before timers.h.

But thank you very much for your Help.


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