Configure XDK from a DB
19. 4. 5 오전 6:49

I have a Use-Case where I want to be able to initiaize every XDK Sensor on its own.

So the Idea is to have a Database with a configuration of what of the sensors should be active or not and upon turning on the XDK it should connect to the DB and look for itself MAC adress and get the configuration.

That way I could configure the XDK in any way I would like to without having it to physically connect to a XDK-Workbench and would be able to just do it virtually. Buy just turning the XDK off and on again to fetch the new configuration from the Databse.

Is it possible to somehow implement this functionality with the XDK, even if it means to write native C-Code?


PS: There would be a standard Software flashed on the XDK to be able to connect to the Wifi.

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RE: Configure XDK from a DB
19. 4. 8 오전 11:05 as a reply to Martin Scheck.

Hi Martin,

1. It is possible to connect XDK device with http servers via WiFi. HttpExampleClient application can be used.

2. By using REST APIs like GET, POST we can get data from http servers. Config files can be loaded in these servers in any format like json, xml.. We support json , xml parsers as well.

3. So you can refer HttpExampleClient, SendDataOverMqtt example applications for your usecase.

4. For sensor data parsing you can refer streamsensordataoverusb.

Thank You :)

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RE: Configure XDK from a DB
19. 4. 11 오전 11:42 as a reply to Karthiga Rajendran.

Hi Karthiga,

Thank you for your help! Your idea with a REST API is great and makes my Use-Case way easier. Haven't thought about that. But it definitly helps me a lot.

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