I am working on a project of vibration analysis and I am trying to use the accelerometer sensor given in xdk device. I was trying some codes on my xdk device and it was working well. But now suddenly, I am unable to flash a program on my xdk. I don’t know how it occurred. I am attaching the pop up that I am getting. In the console its written "Could not set device 'XDK Device 1' into bootloader mode". I think the device is getting disconnected randomly, becuase I can hear the usb plug-unplug sound. I have changed my usb port and cable. Its the same problem. Also, if I press the reboot button of the xdk in the workbench, it’s not responding. Can anyone help me with this?
Additional info- 
WorkBench Virsion- 3.6.0
Bootloader Virsion- 1.1.0
I have manually loaded the bootloader also by holding button one while switching on the device.
Thank you.

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RE: Could not set device 'XDK Device 1' into bootloader mode
19. 5. 23 오전 8:59 as a reply to Ankit Chanda.

Hi Chanda,

You can solve the problem by selecting the properties with right click on your project. Then choose your current Bootloder version under XDK Bootloder and FOTA. Thereafter, the flashing should work again.


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