Http - Post Request Template
19. 5. 27 오전 9:48


I'm new to working with the XDK and have some probably basic questions.

What I want to do:

Send the temperature/luminosity and noise level via http-post to a REST-API.


My journey:

In the beginning I thought this is going to be easy. Just take the Http-Example and change some parameters. Turned out it’s not that easy. I stumbled over the XDK_Guide_HTTP documentation and tried to implement this. But I got lost when the documentation asked me to insert the code but did not tell me where. So, I more or less randomly pasted the code into AppController.c and AppController.h in the source folder. After copying the different code snippets and inserting the Wifi-credentials the number of errors just keeped increasing, as does my feeling that I fundamentally don’t understand how any of this works. 

I came along some other questions on the forum, but none made my problem any smaller. Right now, I’m thoroughly confused and question whether it even makes sense at all.


My hope:

I hope to find the needed AppController.c and AppController.h files (if these are even the right files) somewhere where all I must do is to specify the sensors to use and the endpoint to send to. That’s what I was hoping the HttpExampleClient in the workbench would provide.


If someone could provide an eli5 for my problem (which I suspect more people are facing) that would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers, Sven

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RE: Http - Post Request Template
19. 5. 28 오전 11:30 as a reply to Sven Kurrle.

Hi Sven, 

I faced some similar problems, maybe this site helps you more

In the end i decided to use Eclipse Mita cause it was easier to understand for me.


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