Bluetooth first steps
15. 7. 24 오전 8:22

I am just startet with the XDK for a couple of days. I can build and flash the programs. Fine.
But now I would like to create a bluetooth signal which is send out from the XDK. I tried to read through the example file wifiBtle but I miss something like a main function or something where I can understand what the problem is doing.

Is there any tutorial to set up a bluetooth connection and maybe to set up the debugger so that I can go through the program step step?

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Bluetooth first steps
15. 7. 24 오후 2:03 as a reply to Nils Kornau.
Hi kornau,

first off, welcome to the XDK Community.

Many of the sample projects use BTLE to communicate with their Clients/Server. If you look into the SensorMonitor Demo for example, you'll find plenty of documented code about the Bluetooth Connection.
The wifiBTLE demo, as all of the demos and samples has it's entry point in the method SSU_initSystem, from there the WBD_init(); method is called.

void SSU_initSystem(OS_timerHandle_tp xTimer)
    (void) (xTimer);
    /*Call the Wifi and Btle module API */

About your debugger problem, as I stated in your other question ( you need to have a Segger JLink device to actually be able to debug and step through the code. If that's not available to you, I can only recommend you to use printf() to log out the values you need.

Do you have anything particular in mind that you have planned to do with the XDK and BTLE?

- Florian

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