XDK SW improvements required !!
16. 3. 11 오전 5:55

I am using the XDK for some prototype development, i have some improvement suggestions for the SW. Please see if these inputs can be considered:
1. Option to read the SD card data on my laptop via the XDK is missing. This will help a lot if added.
2. SDcard read write Function issue: 7 out of 10 times, the f_open function fails to open a file for writing (f_open call in CDC_sdCardFatFileSystemWrite())
3. The module WNS_wifiNetworkSend has limitations. It detects the Wifi network only in the start of the program. If the network goes down, the program doesn't detect this. And if the network is back again, this is also not detected.

I am using XDK Workbench 1.3.0 version. if these above issues are fixed in other versions, please let me know.
I would also like to know if the XDK variant with GPRS module is available ?

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XDK SW improvements required !!
16. 3. 11 오후 6:36 as a reply to Gatate Rajashekhar.
Hello Raj,

first, thank you for your feedback!

The latest XDK Workbench sersion currently is 1.5.1, and many issues have been fixed. You can download it here.
Now, coming to your points:

1. Could you clarify what exactly you would like to do? Do you want to read the content of a SD card that is PLUGGED INTO the XDK from the workbench?
2. We had some issues with SD card I/O in the past. Please test this with the latest workbench version. If the issue still appears, I will forward it to the developers.
3. It lays in the nature of IP connections that one endpoint can go down without the other one noticing until it sends something. A very commom strategy to overcome this limitation is to use keepalive/heartbeat signals. If you need to monitor the status of wifi networks, please have a look at the WlanNetworkManagement demo. This project contains code that periodically scans for available networks.

There is currently only one XDK variant available, which comes without a GPRS module.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
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