The known issues mentions in 11 / networking /

"Multi-threading for WLAN transfers is not implemented"

Are there additional explanations, what could and what could not be done?
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known issues / Multi-threading for WLAN transfers is not implemented
16. 2. 8 오후 1:22 as a reply to Achim Kraus.
Hello Achim,

I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting so long.
In the new xdk-workbench 1.5, there is an example called WlanNetworkManagement which shows the WLAN functionality.
This example is based on the ServalStack, what is the main network api of the XDK.
For more information you can find the ServalStack under SDK/xdk110/Libraries/Serval/ServalStack.
If this functionality isn’t enough for your purposes, you can directly access the simplelink API of the TI WLAN-module under SDK/xdk110/Libraries/Serval/WLAN.

Please let me know, if you have further questions.

Best regards,
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