XDK Workbench v1.5.0 released!
16. 2. 1 오전 7:21
We are proud to annouce, that we have just released a new XDK Workbench version. Just check for updates in your current version of the XDK Workbench (See how to update) or download it right away from our downloads section.

Release notes:

XDK Workbench v1.5.0

XDK project structure has been changed.
Please see XDK API Documentation / Related Pages / XDK Migration Guide for information on how to migrate your existing XDK project.

  • Added: More detailed documentation (see "Related Pages" in "XDK Docs")
  • Added: Support for xTCP, a callback based interface to TCP and TLS
  • Added: Support for Lightweight M2M (LW-M2M), an efficient IoT protocol for connection XDK to the Cloud
  • Added: Example for LW-M2M communication (encrypted and unencrypted)
  • Added: cyaSSL v2.9.4
  • Modified: Build system and folder structure of XDK
  • Removed: Platform/BST support layer for sensors
  • Added: New package called SensorUtils and SensorDrivers (Max44009 driver)
  • Fixed: Improved network stability of XDK when using higher-layer protocols (such as HTTP, CoAP or LW-M2M)
  • Modified:Platform/WiFi has been renamed to Platform/Wlan
  • Modified:Platform/SDCard has been renamed to Platform/MiscDrivers
XDK Workbench 
  • Added: XDK Live Monitor Plugin (see "Related Pages" in "XDK Docs")
  • Added: Virtual XDK Plugin (see "Related Pages" in "XDK Docs")
  • Fixed: Problem that lead to project configuration being sometimes wrong (reported in the XDK Community)
  • Fixed: Malformed project configuration files
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