In the BOSCH FeP plant we are using CISS and XDK sensors in the production - collecting and analyse the data with our SAP BI solution.

Project Team:
Zinser Dennis
Thiessen Andreas
Hibert Artur
Karl-Horst Poschman
Frank Slomian

Project and target description
Which problem are you solving with your solution?

  • Monitoring of relevant parameters
  • Goal-oriented predictive maintenance resulting from precise hints for repairs
  • Surveillance and analysis of internal process parameters, machine data, enviroment data
  • Recognition of drifts or characteristik patterns in process parameters
  • Comparison of process parameters with station events and error codes

Sensor hardware components
How does your idea work on the hardware side?

  • XDK, CISS, PT5404
  • Detection of enviromental influences (pressure,temperature,light,humidity
  • Detection of vibrations, noises
  • Detection pneumatic pressure

How does your idea work on the software side?

  • RaspberryPi connection to sensors, create result as xml fie, deploy to database and SAP BI

Complete working Solution

  • XML-Format for Sensors
  • Database
  • Upload Service
  • Reporting SAP-BI4
  • Evaluation with analytics tool „tableau“
  • Sensor Data Control Tool (Send mail by event)
  • Futhure processing of the sensor data
  • Using Sensor-Cloud-Functionality


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RE: BOSCH XDK - sensor manufacturing
8/3/16 2:34 PM as a reply to Achim Kern.

Hello Achim,


thank you for submitting your XDK use case!

You accepted the BCDS terms and conditions correctly and your idea Sensor manufacturing will participate in the Ideation Jam.

Kind regards,

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