Community Guidelines
2/26/18 4:49 PM

Dear community users,

we are proud to have such a fast growing community and appreciate all community posts. Today we want to introducue you to some rules when posting in the XDK community:


Community Guidelines


Before engaging in the Community we recommend having a look at
There are guides on both beginner’s and advanced topics.

Opening Threads in Community Support.

Only open threads here if you wish the XDK support team to respond!

Please post a clear description of the occurring issue. This includes the complete XDK Workbench error message, a description of what your code is supposed to do, the steps you have already taken to resolve the issue and screenshots, if appropriate.

We will try to help you, but we will not respond to lazy requests:

Bad: My application is broken, please help.
Good: My application implementation asserts because of a stack and heap collision after recursive call on the function WlanConnect_Init().
Bad: I have if else problems
Good: Why does str == "XDK" evaluate to false when str is set to "XDK"?

XDK support and the community will help with user implemented applications. Open separate threads for separate issues and use the search function before posting. Your question might already be answered.

DO NOT request full application code.
DO NOT open multiple threads for on the same topic. We will delete double postings.

Github Links.

XDK users are not permitted to publish BCDS source code unless explicitly permitted by license (some code examples are licensed with open source licenses). Please be aware of those licenses when making your code publicly available, for example when putting it on GitHub.

Advertisement and Non-Support Content.

Threads and posts in the XDK community that are used to advertise for own products have to be posted in the project exchange category and will be moved there if posted elsewhere. If you link to a solution for a community problem, please link as directly to it as possible (e.g. if you host a site embedding youtube videos, link to the video directly). We may delete such content if it fails to add value to the community. We love to see the community grow and flourish and encourage user to user exchange.
However, please consider the relevancy of your post before publishing (e.g. advertising your project should contain content that is interesting for other community members like code examples).


Users who post irrelevant or low-effort content, use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or whose primary purpose is affiliate marketing, will be suspended.

Identity Theft and Privacy.

Accounts misleadingly appropriating the identity of another person are not permitted. Users may not post other persons' personal or confidential information, including but not limited to credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and driver's and other license numbers. You may not post information such as usernames, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses unless already publicly accessible on the Web.

Hate Content, Defamation, and Libel.

Accounts posting hate speech and other objectionable content that is unlawful, defamatory, and fraudulent will be suspended. Note that an allegation of defamatory expression does not establish defamation. The truth or falsehood of a piece of expression is a key element in establishing defamation, and we are not in a position to make that sort of fact-based judgment. That said, if we have reason to believe that a particular statement is defamatory, it will be removed.

Sexually Explicit Material.

Accounts that use of the XDK community to post sexually explicit or pornographic material, or links to it, will be suspended.

XDK support team

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