Indoor Localization
4/4/17 4:52 AM

Indoor localization is a big head ache because of the errors of the sensors.

For this I think I have a solution. May be somebody can correct me if i am wrong.

XDK has all that i require. In addition to this i would like to add some IR sensors so that it can make a matrix mesh in the room and bacon the intersection plane. Once somebody crossing this intersection the we get the exact XY coordinate of the room and can give the orientation of the place.

IR sensors can send this info to XDK via BLE and Accelerometer and Magneto meter can inform me the direction of my location.

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RE: Indoor Localization
4/5/17 1:34 PM as a reply to Aditya Kumar.

Hello Aditya,

Welcome to the XDK.

Your idea sounds great and is definitely realizable with the XDK.
I recommend to take a look at the guide section in our Learning section.
Especially I recommend to take a look at the BLE and sensor guides about how to configure the mentioned sensor as well as the bluetooth functionality on the XDK.

Please tell me if this is helpful and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

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