Sensor Data to PC
7/11/19 12:22 PM

Hello Community,


my goal is to send the al data of the sensors on the XDK via WiFi to PC and record them there in a file, same way like it could be done on SD-Card.
The connection to pc via WiFi works pretty well.


But i have no idea how i can transmit the data to a file on the PC. 


So how can I create a csv-file on the pc with the XDK and save the sensor data there?

Or have you an idear to reach the goal easier?


With best regards Felix Kühn

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RE: Sensor Data to PC
7/11/19 1:13 PM as a reply to Felix Kühn.

Hello Felix,

i suggest to use some data protocol to send a buffer of sensor data from your XDK to the PC. On the PC you can run an application to capture the data and store them into a file.

For the selection of the protocol you have several possibilities. The most common way would be to use the XDK as an TCP client or HTTP client and run a corresponding server on your PC. From personal experience i would recommend the MQTT protocol. MQTT is really easy to implement on both the XDK and the PC. Furthermore has MQTT many advantages like completely event triggered communication in both directions.

But you could also use protocols like CoAP, LWM2M or UDP. The basic structure (a listening server on your PC and a sending client on your XDK) would be always the same.

I hope this was helpfull.

If you have any further questiond do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,



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