CoAP Client Error
7/29/19 12:27 AM

Hi there,

I am new to work with xdk . I want to collect data through WLAN (not USB) so I tried to use of CoAP client and server (template code ) to transfer data without USB and seeing data as output without USB . server code did not have any problem but client side has some errors.How can I fix these errors?



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RE: CoAP Client Error
7/29/19 8:23 AM as a reply to Hongik university.

Hi Hongik

As per your discription I think you are getting the error that  TASK_STACK_SIZE_APP_CONTROLLER, TASK_PRIO_APP_CONTROLLER  are not defined.

/**< Application controller task priority */
#define TASK_PRIO_APP_CONTROLLER                    (UINT32_C(3))
/**< Application controller task stack size */
#define TASK_STACK_SIZE_APP_CONTROLLER              (UINT32_C(1200))

Please keep these in Application header file.

If you are using XdkApplicationTemplate then inside source/XdkAppInfo.h it will be mentioned




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