Hello, everyone!

Is there a way to create a folder with a file in it (i.e. "./new_folder/new_file.txt") with Storage_Write function in SD Card or with any other SD Card APIs?

I tried to change "text_xdk.txt" to "new_folder/test_xdk.txt" and "./new_folder/test_xdk.txt" in SdCardExample, but both resulted in RETCODE_STORAGE_ERROR_IN_FILE_WRITE. Maybe I am missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Creating new folder with file in it in SD Card
8/9/19 9:56 AM as a reply to Temirlan Amangeldin.

Hi Temirlan,

For this you should use the function f_mkdir("your Path").
You can find the APIs with short descriptions in the header file "ff.h".



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