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BOSCH XDK - online in my smarthome - possible usecase in BOSCH SMARTHOME ? 1337511 Last reply from Achim Kern
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Lowlevel Socket Access 30312 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
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Temperature Offset Function (from Latest Bosch IoT Suite Code v2.1) 57101 Last reply from 
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Detect Battery Charging within Firmware 35843 Last reply from 
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Communicating via GATT 34192 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
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XDK and Rpi3 BLE connection 34963 Last reply from Ibrahim Ghoddan
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XDK behaviour after empty battery / always on mode? 30676 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
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Bosch IoT Suite still supported ? 394612 Last reply from Juergen Blob
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Get XDK Serial Number per Software 63253 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
Date: 3/31/16 7:38 PM
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XDK as a mqtt sensor node in a smarthome 73103 Last reply from 
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Flashing an XDK with an already existing binary 32943 Last reply from Achim Kern
Date: 3/29/16 4:56 AM