Unable to connect to the VirtualXDK App
19-5-23 上午11:57


i have flashed the project VirtualXDK Demo to my XDK. By opening the VirtualXDK App on my android smartphone it scans for devices and shows my device. But if i want to make a connetion it says please wait for a very long time. The second red LED starts to light but nothing changes. I can't connect sucessfully. Does someone have a clue? My XDK is bought very recently.

Thanks in advance.


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RE: Unable to connect to the VirtualXDK App
19-5-24 上午6:51 回复Taha Agacdograyan。

Hi Taha Agacdograyn,

- Please check bluetooth is ON from phone side. From phone side we can ensure that it is stable though it scans.

- From XDK side ensure that sufficient charge is available. Use USB cable to charge XDK.

Thank You :)

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