Enquiries on working environment of XDK110
19-8-10 上午4:03

Good day, I have two questions regarding to this sensor:

1. How much temperature that the casing and also the circuit board can withstand?

2. Is that XDK110 suitable to work under heavy dust environment?

Thank you.

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RE: Enquiries on working environment of XDK110
19-8-12 上午4:59 回复l Kent。
Hi Kent,

The XDK110 Datasheet (https://xdk.bosch-connectivity.com/documents/37728/87798/XDK_Node_110_combined_Datasheet.pdf/9e8a29c9-08bc-4232-a7c7-1d42cd55239e) states that the XDKs safe operating temperature is between -20°C to 60°C without charging the battery and -20°C to 45°C  when charging the battery.

The XDK110 has an IP rating of IP30, which means that it is not dust-proof. I would not recomend to operate it in a dusty environment without an extra casing or some added protective measure.

More information on environmental operating conditions is available in the data-sheet.


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