Hi everyone,

1) Problem:

I am trying to transfer high-frequency sensor data (100-200Hz) over MQTT to an android device. As XDK can only transmit 997 bytes at a time over MQTT, this means that I have published data really fast. This is not a problem for the XDK device, however, the client (Android Device) cannot crash due to such a high transfer rate. 

2) Possible solution:

One solution could be to store sensor data into the SD card (file size of approximately 15 MBs) first and later transfer the file to the android device.

3) Question:

So is there any way I can transfer such a file over Wi-Fi?


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RE: Reliable way to transfer file from SD card over Wi-Fi
2019/9/30 下午 12:00 作為回覆至Muhammad Salman Shaukat。

Hello Salman,

unfortunatelly it is not really possible to transfer a whole file over WiFi using the XDK.

If your Android Device is not able to process the sensor data with the required data rate, i would recommend to use an additional MQTT client (maybe running on a computer) to process and store the data. From your computer you have more and easier ways to transfer files to an Android Device.

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